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  When you see something, you notice it using your eyes.


  If you see someone, you visit them or meet them.


  If you see an entertainment such as a play, film, concert, or sports game, you watch it.


  If you see that something is true or exists, you realize by observing it that it is true or exists.


  If you see what someone means or see why something happened, you understand what they mean or understand why it happened.


  If you see someone or something as a certain thing, you have the opinion that they are that thing.


  If you see a particular quality in someone, you believe they have that quality. If you ask what someone sees in a particular person or thing, you want to know what they find attractive about that person or thing.


  If you see something happening in the future, you imagine it, or predict that it will happen.


  If a period of time or a person sees a particular change or event, it takes place during that period of time or while that person is alive.


  You can use see in expressions to do with finding out information. For example, if you say 'I'll see what's happening', you mean that you intend to find out what is happening.


  You can use see to promise to try and help someone. For example, if you say 'I'll see if I can do it', you mean that you will try to do the thing concerned.


  If you see that something is done or if you see to it that it is done, you make sure that it is done.


  If you see someone to a particular place, you accompany them to make sure that they get there safely, or to show politeness.


  If you see a lot of someone, you often meet each other or visit each other.


  If you are seeing someone, you spend time with them socially, and are having a romantic or sexual relationship.


  Some writers use see in expressions such as we saw and as we have seen to refer to something that has already been explained or described.


  See is used in books to indicate to readers that they should look at another part of the book, or at another book, because more information is given there.


  You can use seeing that or seeing as to introduce a reason for what you are saying.


  You can say 'I see' to indicate that you understand what someone is telling you.


  People say 'I'll see' or 'We'll see' to indicate that they do not intend to make a decision immediately, and will decide later.


  People say 'let me see' or 'let's see' when they are trying to remember something, or are trying to find something.